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Cesar Aragon

Naples, FL, USA House Tech House Techno

When perseverance, hard work and dedication are put in the mix, there can only be one result… quality!
Cesar Aragon, a mexican native born in a household where the latin soul was always present, he developed his love for music at an early age, from taking guitar classes to directing his school marching band as the trumpet leader, Cesar was always surrounded by a fusion of different elements that later on would define his signature sound.

At 25 years old he got his first chance to perform at a local night club called "VISION" where in a short time he earned his first residency, opening up many doors to opportunities. In 2009 Cesar got signed to his first label "WISH INDUSTRY" and became their latest addition,where his monthly mixes where showcased in ITUNES podcasts and online radio shows such as, and Wish Industry radio as well, streaming throughout Europe and United States.

Over the years as a Terrace resident at Vision Nightclub, Cesar has had the pleasure of working close with local and world renowned djs such as Dj Chus (Stereo Productions) Dj Boris (Stereo/Star 69/Nervous Records) The Martinez Brothers (Objektivity Records) Ivano Bellini (SFP Records) Patrick M (Stereo Productions) Oscar G (Nervous Records), Armand Pena (Beatfreak Records) Dj Roland (Gryphon Nightclub).

Always focusing on quality, his sets are an array of orchestrated musical elements, from tribal infused grooves and percussions to mesmerizing vocals all mixed together to deliver his signature sound. All in all the journey for Cesar Aragon has just started, pioneering a sound and attitude that's gained him respect from fans and industry people looking for the quality delivered in his sets. Having just started his career Cesar Aragon is a performance with so much more to come...

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