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Tech House Trance Dance Techno +4

Centi is a DJ and Producer currently residing outside Atlantic City, NJ. Growing up in northern New Jersey he was first introduced to electronic music from New York City's 92.3 FM WXRK (K-Rock) "Solid State" show hosted by Liquid Todd and El Covino from 1997-2005 and it was all Centi needed to start pursing his passion for electronic music. Shortly thereafter Centi purchased a pair of tables and began recording mix tapes and spinning vinyl a various events, house parties and venues incorporating all sorts of genres in his sets. Over the years his mixes have contained primarily electro and progressive house keeping the energy up and the pace fast. Recently, his main focus has been on production; experimenting with various genres of house. Each new track is started with an open mind and guided with his ears, his heart and his soul.

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