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Bobby Duron

New York, NY, USA Progressive House Tech House House

2011 was the break out year for Chicago born DJ/Producer Bobby Duron, with consecutive chart topping remixes for Beyonce (Countdown & End Of Time) from the album 4.

Based in New York City, he is making his mark in the music world, creatively merging Chicago House, NY underground, dark progressive house, sensuous jazz and ambient coined as “Seductive House”. He was mentored by the phenomenal Honey Dijon who noticed something in him that everyone is now experiencing (a true talent to be reckoned with). He has turned the tables at Prophouse, Generator, the legendary Red Dog in Chicago and was the official back-up resident for Honey Dijon at the Sunday party Cuckoo Club (Hiro Ballroom) as well as appearances through out the globe.

During all of his recent success, he has remained humble through it all. As an award winning DJ, he loves to give back to the community and donate his expertise to Gods Love We Deliver. A charity he holds dear to his heart. He loves the energy from the crowds when spinning. “There is nothing more pleasing than to take the crowd through a euphoric journey to sensual heights.”

Being inspired by all forms of music, Bobby Duron continues to push himself creatively by working on original projects.

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