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Munich, Germany Progressive House House Minimal / Deep Tech +6

As a real Münchner Kindl with Moroccan roots, he grew up in the heart of Munich, in Schwabing. After his professional training at BMW he committed himself for 12 years to the German army. Many foreign missions followed, and finally he retired with a lot of experience, impressions and with a degree of the Bundeswehr and he made a commitment early on to work for the free-market economy. But the appeal of music was still stronger. In his youth he had been playing bass in a heavy metal band and music has always been his companion through life. That's why Ahd (DJ arT) started at about 7 years ago to lay down tracks. What initially started as a hobby quickly got him into numerous Munich electro clubs as a resident. In the course of time he refined his style and taste. Recently he stayed 3 years in Berlin, which is not only the capital of Germany, but much more also the capital of electronic music.
There he could express himself freely among the borderless creative sounds from all over the world.
For some time now Ahd is also a producer who creates their own remixes and music. But that is not enough for him. That's why Ahd recently began a new career as a sound designer and engineer.
Maybe we will soon hear some of his brand new stuff coming out from our radios.

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