Key Commands

Andy Rodrigues

Setubal District, Portugal Techno Electro House House Deep House +8

AndyRodrigues started back in the 80's as a dj, drinking influences on soul;blues;disco and funk ,he adquired vast knowledge and a profound musical contact whit a miriad of dj's and producers worldwide.
facing some personal conflicts left the scene and went back in the underground releasing a ton of tracks and a massive block of bootlegs under diferent names.
Until the year of 1990 we was hiding in the shadows but then,we decided to get back on the scene and in the spotligth again!! resuming live acts and geting into studio leading others into the scene whit is experience..
There are several legends running about the amazing and wicked partys thrown up in the woods way before the trance scene apeared, none of them really describes what hapenned.
A very shy guy who is allways ready to help,Andy faced some explosive situations whit some sharks of the music scene..
After years of figthing to give the stage to the tallented and gifted ppl ,he takes the new step!! creating a platform to bring the neu generation of musicians and producers out of the dark..

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