Key Commands

DJ Adamo F.

Moscow, Russia Techno Trance House Minimal / Deep Tech +1

DJ&Producer from Russia , Moscow.
Prefer: Techno, Tech House,
Create: Techno, Tech Trance

Russia, Moscow.
I do not claim to international fame, and not going to invent pretentious nonsense to impress someone

The main job is closely connected with Cyprus (legal expert)

Secondary work (my lifestyle):
Minimal techno resident at DJ Cafee
Guest DJ at openairs (Moscow region)

Hobby: Creating with FL Studio, Ableton,
Phrase synthesizer (love it)

Virtual reality: DJ-ing at Second Life.
Objective: On a mission from god to share feelings and emotions i choose with people all over the world by neuro music hypnose (tm) technolgy.

Feel the atmosphere of emotion...
Feel something between the notes...
Feel the bassline that vibrates your body..
Feel the BPM of your heart in your temples... Feel the music...
Feel the taste of life...
Wake up !

"Without music life would be a mistake .."

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