Key Commands

Abel Meyer

Argentina Techno Tech House Minimal House +1

DJ + Visual Producer ::: Double TOP 1 Beatport Mixes
"Meyer Visual Set 3D", World´s first 3D videoclips live set.
Winer of the DJ Contest "Armin Only Intense" by Philips Sound.

With over 15 years experience playing major cities toured as DJ resident or guest in major clubs: Pacha Bs As, +Club One, Big One, El Divino and more. His career began in the 90s with the sounds of Acid House, New beat, Detroit techno and the Old School. These styles generated a great influence on the selection of contemporary music.

His last four mixtapes peaked at Mixes Beatport Top 10 and reached two times the Top 1 in 2013.

Their electronic icons are Depeche Mode, Camouflage, New Order, among others. In his sets, displays a style with lots of groove, creating a mix of retro and avant-garde sounds that emerge from the tracks and come to your senses.

As a resident shared events with international DJs such as Circulation (UK), Chris Fortier (USA), Anthony Pappa (UK), Austin Leeds (USA), Christian Smith (SWE), together the most important Argentine DJs in the scene.

It is one of the leaders of the rise of electronic music since 2002 in Argentina.
Meyer was the first in your region to venture into sets with video clips and your "Meyer Visual Set in 3D" was the World´s first 3D videoclips live set.
In your Visual Sets the sound is combined with video images in perfect sync raising the impact on the dance floor.

The incorporation of technology in their presentations have electronic experience beyond your ears. Your product is constantly evolving bringing the future to the dance floor.

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