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DJ Joolz

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK House Tech House

DJ Joolz Leeds UK // Artist // DJ // Producer

Taking a different approach to a world where people are playing otherwise other people's music and grasped it with total dedication to the make crowds elated. It's been a long time and one hell of a journey.

Now, not only known as an established UK DJ, Joolz has gained the accolades worldwide of Artist, DJ, Remixer and Producer. Skills and repertoire valued by many, building Joolz a reputation that extends across the globe.

1987 was when it all began and 3 decades on one can definitely say that the veteran DJ Joolz is here for the long haul and is still enthusiastically dedicated as ever.

For Joolz the craft of DJing has always been the ability to immerse not only in music but with the feelings and responses shared and built with audiences. Using the memory of the very first applause of recognition he got when starting his music career.

Joolz has been able to build relationships based upon an absolute respect for you all, without that there would be no connect.. Respect!

What seems like a nanosecond ago, but then just a young lad from Leeds, Joolz hit the 1’s and 2’s...

'A little known fact....'

Once told by DJ Graham Gold that the name Joolz with a 'Zeee' would be a hard sell, not so easy..

Well after all this time it’s plain to see that Joolz with a 'Zeee' is well on with creating his legacy.

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