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Reno, NV, USA Electro House Progressive House

(530), Grant Thomas Hedrick, as his, DJ before him, mother calls him, was born and raised in Northern California, The (530)...

Recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Reno, Nevada, (530) was a major influence to the electronic music scene in the World's Biggest Little City with his house music sound...

In only two years, this newcomer has reached various pedestals, and has been revered for his accomplishments in a very short period of time. Already, (530) has shared the stage with many big name acts at venues throughout the city and in his home region of Northern California. Though humble and shy when speaking with him about his quick ascent, Grant has opened for and shared the stage with DJs & Producers such as Mat Zo, Minnesota, Lazy Rich, Donald Glaude, Norin & Rad, Jack Beats, Figure, Mord Fustang, DallasK, Bare, Zomboy, Candyland, Singularity, Fort Knox Five, Downlink, We Bang, Hulk, Sluggo, Jelo, Archnemesis, NastyNasty, Samples, & Dulce Vita. The host of Open Deck Wurk Wednesday's & Nu Friday's at the ever so popular "Wurk" Nightclub in Reno, NV, which won "Dance Club Of The Year", awarded by Reno News & Review, has put his name in the mouths of the entire EDM community, as his sets continue to bring an energy that is unmatched my most peers at his level.

After being a part of the Grand Opening of Rise Nightclub in Reno, NV, in July of 2012, (530) is currently the mainstay resident DJ & Host of DCBL (Decibel), the EDM infused side of Rise, on Friday & Saturday nights, with other residencies & weeklies, spanning from 5tar Kommand Monthly Episodes with Kronyak, to Tang Bang Friday's, with fellow Electro House enthusiasts, C Note & 3PO, at Reno late night hangouts, 1Up & Tonic Lounge. The opportunities as a resident DJ at some of Reno's most happening spots, his staple as a promoter & organizer within Reno's EDM community, and the opening slots for some of EDM's biggest names, the sky is the limit for the 25 year old.

Producing original tracks, enough to release an EP, is certainly on the horizon for (530), as many of us know, will take him, and his live experience to an entirely different level!

Stay tuned for Upcoming Shows, Other News, and all things (530)!

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