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Atlantic Beach, NY, USA Chill Out Deep House Electro House Electronica / Downtempo +9

Filthy Music Composer & Avid Nightlife Overseer

House Music Producer from small town, A.B, Long Island, New York, DJ 2COx (pronounced two-cocks) is on a mission to get people dancing in the street. His weapons of choice include kick drums fatter than Beyonce's ass, snare hits strong enough to kill a baby seal, and synth lines more melodic than a child of Adele and Mozart.
DJ 2COx busted onto the House Music scene with his 2010 debut album "Who Wants To Get Filthy Tonight?". The album has since sold copies and been streamed all around the world.
His 2nd album "The Man With The Plan" is currently in the works and is slated for a late 2013 release.
When he's not in the studio, 2COx likes to bust stupid moves on the local dance floor, make buckets at the local house party pong game, or watch 90's cartoons with semi-nude female models.
With his dicks in the game and his head in the club, 'tis a sure thing that DJ 2COx will have the world twerking, tweaking, and getting filthy in no time.
NY woot woot!

1st Album - Who Wants To Get Filthy Tonight? (2010)

2nd Album - TBA

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