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Poznań, Poland DJ Tools Drum & Bass Dubstep +5

Themy ', and in fact, Paul (Pawel Pudlow), a 21 year old native of Elk Dj (Warmia and Mazury). His adventure with music began at the age of 6 years. Running events at the age of 15 years. From 4 years professional events leads / events in the region. Currently working with Elk Cultural Center, the name "Stan" Stanislaw Kolbusz, company Wojciech Wrona and others. He has played in clubs, taverns, pubs, hotels and various types of facilities. In his short career, ran and played the type of events such as:
- Weddings (including climate and Reagge of Rock, Classical)
- Proms
- Musical during the First Mazury Gala MMA
- Disco
- Planks (St. Andrew's, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day)
- Commemorative Events (50 years, birthday)
- Exits the company (eg Mercedes Poland)
Game music of all kinds, always be chosen for the type of event and the age of the audience. Apart from music, great attention is paid to the interplay of light as the lighting effects perfectly highlight the character of the music. Now - study "Transport" at Poznan University of Technology.

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