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DJ PHRENETIC ( Craig.B...)

England, UK Breaks Drum & Bass Dubstep +2

After getting his first break supporting Simon "Bassline" Smith at The Mix Club in 1990 then landing a few more gigs in 90/91.
Craig B established himself as a DJ in Manchesters Club & Rave scene in 1992. Between 92 -97 he played at clubs & events all over the UK & abroad before moving to Perth.
In Perth Craig has played for promoters such as Loaded Dice & ONE.AM as well as running his own successful Phrenetic Beats nights. Craig.B has done his last mix ever in Busted Speaker. So Many People in my life to thank so if I miss you out sorry. Todd Terry for making me buy my first set of decks, all my friends for putting up with my shite mixes for the first year. Sasha for showing me what a real DJ is. Kenny Ken and Slipmatt for helping with my style. Jumping Jack Frost for giving us the spin back. DJ Sam the most gifted underrated DJ who never made it and one of the nicest blokes you could ever hope to meet. Mr Steve Dawson for been my first manager. My family for having to put up with the endless duff duff coming out of my room. Fabio and Groverider for giving us Jungle. DJ Rap for been the sexiest most fun DJ ever to watch. DJ TIM of Utah saints for been the most gifted, talented man to ever grace the ones and twos. Dez for giving me my first gig. Simon Bass Line Smith for telling me I had a gift that needed to be heard by many. MR Laurance Riche for showing me what natural talent is. All my friends who had to put up with my shit mixes every week but told me how good they were. Christian Metcalf for been one of the worst mixes ever to grace the decks but man you could pick a good tune .Dave Gorman for telling me I was the best DJ he had ever heard.... In Australia Deon for giving me my first gig in Australia and for giving Perth Loaded Dice and the Drum and Base seen we have now which is one of the best in the world ( I love you mate and when your back me and you will give back to Perth the scene you first started. I do this for the love of music and the joy it gives me and to rock the fuck out of a crowd and take them on the journey they came for Love you all more then then life it's self, share your gift with people because that's why you asked for it. Andrew White I miss you every fucking day mate, what an old soul you were and how lucky we were to be blessed with you for that short time, you touched so many people souls mate and you will never be forgotten. Thanks to the lovely lady in my life who changed my style of tunes and has more passion for music then anyone I have ever met. This is just the start for me The Piano Junkies got me back into the scene and I will repay you with getting you guys playing in Australia. Ben Fisher you make all the tunes that I have always wanted to make and they all need to be heard in the club scene. I love Playing on my decks, playing at gigs and giving you the chance to here the tunes out there that we all needed to here out in the scene. Good Time recordings is the best label on this small planet. Australia we will be touring all these fine artists for you very soon on there first Australian tour... The good times are back so get ready for some of the best nights of your life. Jon Perkins I need you back in my life so we can give the public everything we have talked about over the past two years. Perth has one of the best crowds I have ever had the pleasure of playing too, but sadly those days are gone by greed a lack of support from fellow DJ's and promoters who work against each other instead of helping each other. This place needs the good times back, if I see or here one more DJ who stands there and takes the piss and thinks his shit don't stick fuckoff back in front of the mirror you wasted the gift you were given your ego won so just keep telling yourself how awesome you are. Perth Party people fellow ravers and DJ's we don't need to have 25 of the so called top DJ's for a good night. WE have such an amazing talent pool right here who will share there gift with you for nothing more then love and respect. DJ PHRENETIC Will Be back with two new mixes soon, thanks for all your support over the past 20 years love you all. Get ready for your minds to be blown clean off by a new style because mine is and I'm so excited. Cant wait to share this with you Perth and the rest of the world xox Phrenetic Beats will be back soon with it's future gig list for 2014. Any up and coming DJ's who understand anything you have just read, drop me a line and I will give you a gig. Music in what ever genres or style is what makes the human soul tick without it life would loose it's meaning. Get excited Australia because there are some nights coming soon that you will never ever forget. Thanks again for your great feed back and continued support we all need a pat on the back. Good Times are ahead love you all Craig xox

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