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San Francisco, CA, USA Electro House Dubstep Electronica / Downtempo Drum & Bass

William Ward (NemeBRO, DJ NemeBRO):

William Ward's musical upbringing paved the way with skills he utilizes when producing his musical creations today.

Starting out playing the Violin and Piano at a young age, moving on to the Trumpet, Bass Guitar, and finally Percussion; William has had a variety of experience playing various instruments, in various ensembles. This experience made the transition to DAWs, Sequencers, MIDI-Controllers, and Synths an easy one.

William's love for Electronic Dance Music developed in the late 90's. Growing up in Southern California and raving fairly regularly, William was fortunate to attended some landmark events such as How Sweet It Is 1999 and Electric Daisy Carnival 1999. Growing up listening to the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Paulina Taylor, Daft Punk, Mars & Mystre, and many more, William draws on a variety of influences not only from Electronic Music but cross genres as well. However, during this period of his life William was focused more on raving and dancing, DJing was a day dream.

In 2006 William got his hands on a MPC1000. He began sequencing and making beats in his garage, putting the finishing touches on his creations using CuBase DAW. After completing a Home Studio Production course, William began building his own Home Studio which is where you will find him today producing originals, remixes, mixes, and having a good time.

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