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San Francisco, CA, USA Electro House Dubstep Electronica Drum & Bass

William Ward (NemeBRO, DJ NemeBRO):

William Ward's musical upbringing paved the way with skills he utilizes when producing his musical creations today.

Starting out playing the Violin and Piano at a young age, moving on to the Trumpet, Bass Guitar, and Percussion... William has had a variety of experience playing various instruments, in various ensembles. This experience made the transition from real instruments to DAWs/Sequencers/MIDI-Controlers/Synths an easy one.

In 2006 William got his hands on a MPC1000. He began sequencing and making beats in his garage, putting the finishing touches on his creations using CuBase DAW. After completing a Home Studio Production course, William began building his own Home Studio which is where you will find him today producing originals, remixes, mixes, and having a good time.

Enjoy the music!
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