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Tampa, FL, USA Electro House House

Marisol is a Music Producer Dj from Tampa, Fl.

"My name stands for sea and sun means a new beginning, something more then life. And this is how I view myself and see life as I work on my music."

She is currently working on my new project writing dance/electro/techno music and Djing. With her ability to play multiple instruments she is able to create original pieces of music with her own unique flavor! She is a self thought musician. Her creations she enjoys and loves to play for other people for them to have the same exciting feeling and rush she feels when she creates her music.

Her music is intended for the purpose of having an extremely good time and transport you to a vortex of excitement, happiness and craziness. Her music is for all of us who are beautiful souls dancing in this earth for the purpose of enjoying this life experience!

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