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Dj Kloub


Kostas a.k.a. Dj Kloub (CyberFunk_TribalismoUnion Records) Psy Veterans & Liquid Memories
was born in (Greece). His love about electronic music starts in 1994-1995.

In 1998-1999 his dj equipement and starts his experiments in Goa and
Uplifting trance and later on european Psychedelic Trance and Progressive Trance.
In 2002 starts Djing in public places, bars & clubs.
In 2003 and for three years(2005) as dj and member of organization team of
Salvia by Olympus festival at the foot of Olympus mountain.

From 2002 until today he organize Goa Trance / PsyTrance Full On / Psychedelic Trance / Progressive Tance parties,
also he plays music in a lot of private or public events.
In 2011 joins Admin In Radio team,While also subsequently is the Owner of TribalismoRadio and continues presents music and melodies from his
favourite grooves(Goa Trance / PsyTrance Full On / Psychedelic Trance / Progressive Trance / Ambient Downtempo) until today.
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