Key Commands

Dj Jsun aka Jsun Paul

Humboldt, CA, USA Progressive House Deep House Tech House +2

Dj Jsun (Dj/Producer/Promoter)

Jsun Paul aka Dj Jsun is a California native who's roots run deep in the electronic music scene. Since his introduction to house music in the early 90's, Jsun has been working hard towards supporting the progression of electronic music and helping to establish Northern California as an important hub for the collective movement of all genres of underground dance music. In 1999 Jsun Co-founded Deep Groove Society, an event collective consisting of the most talented djs, producers, and artist in Nor Cal that bring world-class dance music to remote Humboldt County, California. For the last 15 years Jsun's ability to mix rare, classic, and new styles of all music genres has established himself as one of the top Dj's in Northern California. Jsun's skills as a dj, producer, and promoter earned him a seat on the 2005 Pancha Mama tour in Nantes, France as well as other bookings at Madrid's Taboo and Club Blue in Mykonos, Greece. Jsun's dedication and love for electronic music carries over every Sunday night where he and other DGS djs are residents for their infamous Sundaze night at the Jambalaya in Arcata, CA where they are constantly raising the bar and bringing big names in all genres to perform. No matter what style of music being played, from House to Hip-Hop, Salsa to Dubstep, Jsun's ability to manipulate sound will have you moving in a way that is good for the mind, body, and soul. It is safe to say that Humboldt County's underground electronic music scene would not be what it is today if it was not for the innovation, dedication, and skill of Jsun and the other DGS musicians putting their blood, sweet, and beats out for the people to enjoy. We love music and we allow music to love us!

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