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Dj Jordan ( Hooligan )

Psy-Trance Trance

Born in Greece, mother Greek, father Kenyan, my love of music began with the raw lyrics and old school samples of Rap and Hip-Hop. Pretty soon these musical influences transformed into a more psychedelic and quickly morphing sound. A sound that coupled with the London Acid house party scene of the early nineties solidified my love for Trance music. Starting with a few clumsy steps back in1995, I’ve been fighting hard for it ever since. I achieved a propitious start in India in 1997 and accomplished to join the Etnicanet record label as a DJ and have an active gig career playing amongst the worlds biggest bands and DJs up until 2004. Due to some harsh realities of life, I had to take a long four year pause that lasted up until 2008. At which point, together with Nektarios Meidanis we created the band Disco Hooligans. Since then Disco Hooligans had a prolific deejaying and producing span lasting till early 2012. As of February 2012 the Disco Hooligans band project and all its future music productions, much to the disappointment of many friends and fans, came to an end. As always though the beat goes on, the future is coming, full of new tunes, heartening grooves, and fresh collaborations. Keep your ears open! See you on the dance floor! Peace out...

Events History Highlights:

Sunrise zone and Liquid Love events and v.a. , Greece
Goa, Puna, Ohm beach, India
Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
Full Moon Party, Koh Pangang, Thailand
Rainbow Gathering, Switzerland
Became Dj for Etnicanet Records
Kundalini, Klato, Psycho Garden, Freak*a*Delic, Cerebra 2, Brasil
Samothraki Dance Festival 1-3, Greece
Earthdance, Brazil
Zambuzeira Etnicanet Festival, Portugal
Cofounded the band Disco Hooligans 2008
Gigs in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Greece
Radio Shows, Greece, Brazil, India

Disco Hooligans Re-mixes 2011( Unreleased )..
Lunar Contact Rmx, Checked Flag Dub Rmx, Etnica
Galactic Rmx, Pleadians
Goa Sunrise Rmx, Deedrah
Rites of mu Rmx, Arkanoydz

Record label Ectoplazm Records
DH- Clear Skies - Album (2009)
DH - Darjeeling Express - Album (2010)
DH - Trans Africa Express Rmx - EP (2011)
Record label Neurobiotic Records
DH - Mars Mellow EP, DH - Purple Shade EP, DH - Connected EP (2011)
Record label Hyperflow Records
DH - Beat The Box EP (2012)

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