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The Netherlands Breaks DJ Tools Deep House Drum & Bass +17

Dj Insane started to play mixes of raggamuffin’ and hiphop beats in front of a live audience. When house music was introduced in Holland, Insane’s style slowly melted into faster and harder beats and represented for a while the only musical stream that (until now) was ever born in the Dutch Lowlands: hardcore gabber. After producing the track ‘the Joker’ in the studio, this track was released on the popular recordlabel Ruffneck. Meanwhile the indian scene accepted Insane with open arms and because of that he was booked on many parties, mixing hardcore house with indian tunes. This adventure delivered him bookings on big parties like BoomBoom Beats and sold out mix albums like his famous ‘Burning Curry’. Nowadays dj Insane mixes records out of his case that can be labeled as hardstyle. Besides dj sets in the big national and international clubs and studio productions with an 8 on the dancescale of Richter, Insane forms the Allianz dj team.
Insane brought the house down earlier this year at club Aria @ Crete with his incredible choice of records and his razorsharp mixing techniques.

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