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Adam's Ale

Frankfurt, Germany Deep House Tech House Progressive House +3

°°° music is the language unions all people around the world, able to say things, no spoken words are able to °°°

Infected in music ... hmmm, let me try to remember, it seems that I ever loved it. Started with listening to the radio, the Top Ten every Friday has been the highlight when I was younger than 10 years old. In the age of 10 I started to collect records ... the first one I owned was Nena, her first album, ... I really still like this LP.

The Mainstream never was my thing, ... excluding this Nena LP, lol ... so I found me in the early 80th listening to Heavy Metal ... the first LP's from Metallica, ... "ride the lightning" for example was one of my first totally "carried away by music" experience. Heavy Metal was one thing I liked, but I always found tracks from other directions I really loved. Etta James "at last" for example, is one of this tracks, cached me years ago but still puts me in "goose skin" when I listen to it. Also the leaders of electronic music like Yellow, The Art of Noise, Kraftwerk and so on ... has been in my collection long before Techno went public.

Any day in the late 80th, I've still not been 18 years old, I random found me on an event ... they called it Cosmic Party, ... this was the first time I realized, that DJ'ing is so much more, than just playing a good playlist. I was exited in what the DJ's did on the music.

In the early 90th, a good friend of mine called me early in the morning and spoke to me like that: "Markus ... I felt in love tonight". I thought, he met a nice girl ... but I was wrong, he was at a Trance Party, on of this amazing first one Mr. Sven Väth did. In the same week my friend sold everything he could earn money with and bought himself 2 Turntables, a Mixer and of course the records of the sounds he felt in love with. Eye-Q, Harthouse, Noom, to name just a few ... labels no one knew before, carried us far away from this planet. He was the guy putting me into the word of electronic music. Thank you Floh!!!

Electronic Music unions all spices of music I ever liked, ... the power of heavy metal, the love and deepness of Soul, the instruments of Jazz and Classic music. To get infected in electronic music, was the best what ever could happen, it was a rescue!!!

My friend Floh supplied me with the freshest and best stuff, well mixed, till the end of the 90th so I had no misery to DJ by myself. Loosing the contact to my friend Floh was to lose the good music spring.

At this point, DJ Adam's Ale was born. In the end of the 90th I started with the DJ'ing. Not the best time bases on the evolution of electronic music, really not. At this time, Techno/House went to Mainstream. Every radio station played Techno/House at this time with the result of less and less and less good quality music. Further I never was a talented musician. In steps I teached myself how to create a mix of those tracks I like, those tracks touching my soul.

In the last 10 years Techno/House went back to the roots ... left the commercial sector and that was and still is good. There are plenty of good quality tracks from mostly unknown artists, making my hobby, my great love to what it is ... the most multilateral thing I know about, the place to be, to relax, to go into myself, ... I don't know to explain.

I'm not a famous DJ, not a talented one, not that one you have to have heard about, but sometimes, it's really something good what I make. The turntables and the Vinyls are still my medium and it seems that it also will be in the future. I also know to use a controller or CD Decks, but I think, that makes the DJ’ing very boring, … you’ve got nothing to do while waiting for the next transission. There is no way to feel the music, to touch the music you play right now, like you can feel with using turntables, … sure, only my opinion, but this is my way.

So enjoy if you like, ... constructive critics are very welcome, …

all the best

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