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Dizzy Kids

Merseyside, UK Electro House House Tech House Deep House +1

Two young up and coming Dj's from the Wirral named Richie Charles and Liam Sealeaf came together in 2012 to make music, after a while of producing and remixing music under there names they decided they wanted something that sounded catchy and stick in peoples minds, after a few possibilities for names they came up with the name Dizzy Kids and started making music under this new unknown music act and got of to a brilliant start.
Dizzy Kids first youtube video was uploaded by multiple youtube accounts within the 2 months they had hit over 2000 views on just one youtube video,
knowing this was something good the two stuck at it and got better and better making bigger and better tunes, bootlegs and mixes developing a better knowledge for the software and gaining more and more views.

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