Key Commands

Dirty Ganesh / Mahatma Dandy /Shazu

San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico Dubstep Electro House Breaks Electronica / Downtempo +1

I could write a very egotistical biography about me and my Music career, but that's just the boring shit That you do not really care about. So let’s get straight to the point. I'm just a mutha fucker who loves to make digital music. particularly Electro, with different influences.

"I will corrupt your ears with this exquisite selection of tasty shit, filled with dirty, heavy basslines , glitchy secretions and a pinch of psychedelia. A powerful mantra that will fry your brain cells and align your chakras"

"I am the one who comes to corrupt your ears, to seduce your senses and to cut with my loudness your reason by means of 44khz to than 128 beats per minute leaving more back each of your musical dogmas for make you feel with my powerful mantra: "The musical evolution that open access to other states of brings back to consciousness and to rewrite the sonorous flow that lie down in you."
I am the lord of the universal rhythm basstards!
This is my Powerful Mantra!
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