Key Commands

Bad Man vs. Dirty Harry

Berne, Switzerland Deep House Electronica / Downtempo Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House +2

Ädu (aka Dj Navigator) and Adi S. (aka Dj Eos) are not at all new in the music-scene and have been on tour as DJs for several years now. However, they forge new paths with their current project Dirty Harry vs. Badman.

The two members of Sinsonic Records cannot be pigeonholed easily. Against the trend they are rather reluctant to simply playing DJ-Charts. Dirty Harry vs. Badman are looking for the dialogue between graceful melodic arches, embedded in minimalistic rhythms and allowing the progressive music to collide with atmospheric impressionistic sounds. Their sets feature a strong harmonic structure, but despite all the professional demand the two do not take themselves too serious. During their performances there is always space for ironic emphasis and experiments – happy people on the dance floor are for sure.

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