Key Commands

Digital Style

Tech House House Drum & Bass +2

Digital Style is made up of Zach Bland (3moleculesaway) and Matt Grice (Matt G.), and are from Amarillo, Texas. Matt and Zach combined their production, dj skills and love for filthy electro beats in October of 2007. They are currently producing, remixing, and spinning at shows, events and parties in Texas. In addition, Digital Style has been getting local and national radio play with steady support from fellow Texas dj's and artists.They love dance music while thriving on the culture and scene.

DS specializes in sub-genres of house. Whether it be filthy or techy, they strive to bring quality, bass driven dance floor tunes. They are also widening the spectrum by working on dubstep and dnb influenced tracks. Look for more intense, hard hitting sounds coming soon.

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