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3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium Techno House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +3

Dharius Aka Dario Cirignola was born on October, 24th 1990 in Belgium. At a very young age Dharius got involved into music. His parents saw his interest in music at a young age and decided to take him to a School of music. On a age of 6 he started to play guitar and jammed every key out of it till he hit 18. His first steps into a House-club made him realize that House music wasn’t that bad at all! But that little bit wasn’t enough for him. A few years later he started to experiment with FL-studio. At first sight it seemed to be impossible to create even something, and now he just can’t get his creativity to stop him from making tracks each month. The first tracks he made were mainly Progressive – House. And suddenly he got in love with Deep and Tech – house music. The songs that Dharius makes on this day ar mainly gonna be Deep and Tech house! Music that’s unexplainable, but Music that takes you to a different state of mind!

The style im mixing is.
Progressive / Tech house / Deep House. But mainly songs that just sound like taste of cream for your ear!
I'll hope u guys enjoy the tracks.



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