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Dennis Frost

Moscow, Russia Electronica / Downtempo Techno Funk / Soul / Disco House +1

DJ and musician, firmly established in the nightlife since 2007. A special accent of his performance goes to the technique of mixing tracks with Roland TR8. Prefers the old school techno, acid & tribal tech house. In addition to his favorite styles, he plays trip hop and funk under alter ego of Soulmakers.

Duo with Simple J has become well recognized among the underground events they organize together in Moscow "1 + 1 = 13", "Hi Francheska" & "EL Tempo". Tries his hands behind the decks at various venues of the Capital and beyond: Fantomas Rooftop, Squat 3/4, Konstruktor, Berlin Bar, Angelov...

Devoted 6 years of his career to Thailand and the unique flavor of its parties, performing at the world-famous festivals like Full Moon Party and Sramanora on Koh Phangan island. Lived in Bangkok. In calloboration with Electro Delikatessen team worked on putting up the major events of worldwide touring artists at Live RCA Bangkok. As a permanent resident, Dennis Frost shared his musical vision at Mustache After Party, Space999, Thai Lounge, Glow Club, Koi, Q-Bar and daytime pool parties on the roofs of Radisson, Sofitel and Sheraton...

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Available on iTunes. #DennisFrost / #DennisFrostChart
Booking (Eng / Rus): + 7-925-165-8522,

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