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Auckland, New Zealand Progressive House Electro House House +5

This is a biography for Damien CHUNG, also known as Denioanic. Denioanic is multi-talented with his production in music, DJ, photography and broadcasting.

Denioanic is highly inspired in House music which has became his main focus for his DJ career, but apart from a single genre, he is also a multi-genre DJ and you can expect to hear some Electro House, Progressive House, Deep House, Electronica, Melbourne Bounce, Electro Pop and more. Denioanic started his DJ career at the age of 18, on the 31st December 2013, he started his own mix show "#Damopod" which has charted top 10s, 20s & 30s but the best yet sitting on top 7 on the Beatport mix chart. His podcast is now available on major distributing sites such as iTunes podcast, Beatport, and backstage live stream available on YouNow. Denioanic is intending to bring his gigs internationally in the near future, his main focus will be across the Tasman.

Denioanic started producing in 2013 right after he has learnt to DJ, where he created his tracks through sampling, in 2014 he releases "Drink AnotherCup (In The Club), one of the most upbeat track he has done with multiple interested partnership in place however with his limited musical background he hold it off to gain more skills with his musical production. All of the produced tracks contains sampling which he does not own the copyright of it so they are not for sale, but it is a way to showcase his ability to produce a track.

Denionic has an ear for music, but he is not only limited to that, he started planning his way into making videos, anything from gaming, travel vlogs to creative video production. This year he brings you into his personal life by broadcasting on YouNow where he does near daily live broadcast and with his plan to start making YouTube videos in the future. 2016 is the year where he will truly grow like never before, and will continue to grow further in the future whether it is his DJ career or his video production.

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