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Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico Psy-Trance Trance Electronica / Downtempo

About DenCity:

Presenting a New Psytrance, Fullon project with high quality standars and a fresh beats, 2 friends working toghether to bring You a nice style of music, from Mexico, DenCity is a musical project created by Carlos Morales & Joshua Millan.
They started working together since 2009, when they had the same dream.. make awsome music!!, they are big friends and have the same tastes about music, so it's easier for them to be syncrhonized. They are influenced by some genres of music like progressive trance, techno , house and psy-trance and great recognized artists in the electronic scene...
Both of them have knowledge of musical instruments but especially creativity and freshness, Actually we are starting in colaboration whit the label Young Addicts Productions.
They will work hard to give you a new and refreshing beat & make you dance , hope you like our music!

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