Key Commands

Del Fenix

Turkey Progressive House Deep House

Born in İskenderun, Turkey. He was affected to His father's talent , The father was play Guitar/Organ and sing. He tried to make it a hobby interest in the ability of the athlete to do with music in the background remains the fore.

In 2011, at the end of this long delay, electronic music is dense in Marmaris, DJ and production based training, are starting to use their ability in this field. His first attempt, and the first published song (Broke The Shell) 's, the training and the ability of the levels shown can come.
The second study in this area (Just Wait) has entered in the publication, 2 of 2 products appears to be working. In general, adopting the style of Progressive House, though, Tecno, Deep House, Trance, such as would appear to work.

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