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Deep Life

Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina Deep House Progressive House Tech House

Nicolas Neyret: (Deep Life & Lk Aguilar)
Born on 5 July 1992, in the City of Victoria Province of Entre Rios. Within two months of the birth parents, decide recidir in the City of Villa Constitucion Province of Santa Fe! where I enjoy her childhood and her friends as none. From an early age was influenced Nico musical tastes! Thanks to the wide taste he had his uncle, Nicolas was introducing more and more in music by artists such as George Lewis, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Ultravox, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Erasure and more. Eight years! his first compacteras income thanks to the influence of great artists of the electronic scene like Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, Ezequiel Dero, Carl Cox, Joachim Garraud, David Guetta among others, at fourteen years old and entered in the electronic environment , decided to start producing his first tracks in software. At the age of 16, located somewhere in manolo nicolas bar for a period of one year, learning to read the track and the incomparable connection-music-dj people sharing a cabin with great artists recognized nationally and internationally as Romina Cohn, Martin Bonansea, Fernando Ferreyra, Jona Prado, Jona Okanto, Alejo Gonzalez, Deep Mariano, Marcos Paz, among others. Since that time and with the help of friends decide to start the project meant arming STATECH events in the city and that there was the electronic genre, shared cabin with local artists such as Brian Torres, Mauricio Speranza, Gaston Ghiselli, Lucas Aguilar, German Mancinelli Lopez, Luke Graziani, German Clemente, Alvaro Barreyro Etc, at the age of 17 is invited to the City of Paraná (already marked progressivo style skin) to participate in an outdoor festival where he shared cabin with large Antuan djs like Nicholas, Adrian Fernandez, Walter Albornoz, Jeremiah Jurado, Jose Cabrera, Pax Ferra, Alexz Lllaver, Elektra Mix among other distinguished of that City and Santa Fe Besides all that, Nico today sells its products to large world as seals, Digital Music Net Label (Spain - Asturias), Bistronica Records (Australia - Adelaide), Peak Hour Music (UK - London), Reside in Statech Special Sessions held in City Galvez (Santa Fe) dj guest at Beat Life - Umma Gumma Complex (City of Parana), dj guest at Level Music (San Nicolas - Buenos Aires) Election Radio host dj (Buenos Aires - La Plata) where shares shows with international artists such as Andrea Bertolini (Italy) , Lady K (Spain), Diego Ro-K (Buenos Aires), Diego Cid (Buenos Aires), among others. Resident The Cube - Clubland San Nicolas for a short period enjoying it to the fullest! in 2011 decided to put together a series of events in Mandela Cool Drinks (Villa Constitucion) bringing promises of electronic music and DJ Producers Enshrined in the scene. Nicolas Notably, at the age of 18 years, owns an agency and a seal
Statech Bokings and Statech Management & Records, thus forming a large staff in conjunction with Statech Fest, And Statech Special Sessions.

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