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Denver, CO, USA Deep House Tech House Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Growing up in Philadelphia and West Michigan, Tom Carroll sparked an interest in electronic music at the early age of seven when he was given his first turntable and a couple of records that included the recent releases of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rocket’ and Newcleus’s ‘Jam on It’. Unaware to their historical popularity, during family road trips to Chicago, he would tune his walkman to WBMX’s Hot Mix 5 shows and further fell in love with house music. In high school, his curiosity toward EDM grew further having had a German exchange student introduce him to the sounds of techno and jungle that were trending in Berlin.

After finishing flight school near Dallas, TX, Tom Carroll worked as a flight instructor on his way toward building experience to achieve the goal of getting hired by an airline. Tom Carroll then fulfilled his dream when he was hired as regional airline pilot. However, he was soon layed off due to consequential effects on the American economy in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. When he consequently returned to working as a flight instructor, one of Tom’s flight students happened to be a hobbyist DJ at the time. The two of them started attending local DJ parties and club events, including religiously attending the Lizard Lounge and Area 51 in Dallas, to see performances such as DJ Icey, DJ Keoki, DJ Irene, Paul Oakenfold and many more. Tom Carroll’s inspiration toward EDM exploded after seeing Sasha and John Digweed perform during their Delta Heavy tour at the Deltaplex in Dallas. Tom Carroll then bought his first pair of DJ turntables and began experimenting with multiple genres of vinyl records – however, primarily the sounds of aggressive techno and rousing house initially caught his attention.

Currently based in Denver, CO, Dj Zo’s current sound ranges from soulful deep house through hypnotic tech house to energetic techno.

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