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Moscow, Russia Tech House Progressive House Deep House

Russian DJ Andrey Kharlamov, quadrupeds metropolitan public as a dj Harlamoff 2008-2010 dj Harlamoff-entered the top 100 DJ Awards in Russia, 2009-top 100 dj. Ua After a short break, introduced high-quality dance music fans a new project releasing their own material and the author's party under the pseudonym DEEAFRAGMA / But as always Andrew does not change its rules, and without tying themselves to a particular style muzyki.Osnova should consist of several layers: the new, fashion, and most importantly to understand exactly what will be modern tomorrow. This is indicated in the compilation of previously written ozgur can, cabana & hatchet-received good grades and feedback from the authors themselves. Ingredients include such genres as: progressive / funky / tech / minimal / deep it is just the very intelligent electronic music we so lately HVATAET.V NOT currently a joint project continues to evolve, and in the near future will please his fans the release of their debut album in Europe and Russia. Thanks to joint efforts, our own intuition, imagination, the project DEEAFRAGMA will try to grow, and is not going to dwell on this:

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