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Salt Lake City, UT, USA Electro House Dubstep House Chill Out +5

23 year old EDM producer out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Derek Page was born and raised in a small town called Logan, Utah. He started playing drums, and a small amount of violin at age 8, and later performed in several rock bands. At about age 14, he picked up his first DAW, and started to learn to make synths and sounds for his own video games. On and off for the next 5 or 6 years Derek played with FL Studio to create little snippets of “techno” while he played the drums more seriously and created a name for himself in the local scene as a drummer. At age 20, Derek left his hometown and moved to nearby Salt Lake City, where he began learning to produce EDM partially because he realized the potential in EDM, and its culture, but mainly because of the lack of being able to play his drums in his apartment. Being from a rock background, he found his way into creating polyrhythmic melodies, and drum patterns, distorted heavy bass, and unusually catchy synths in an attempt to create euphoric, and mystic versions of several genres like House, Dubstep, and DnB. Through this new found sound, the change in lifestyle, and meditation, Derek found his musical alter ego “Dekai”. Dekai strives to uplift and inspire with musical frequencies both from the past and future. To express both dark and light as “one”. Creating music with the idea that it is a tool to expand the mind, whether in the club or in your headphones at home.

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