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De la Pierre

Spain DJ Tools Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House Techno

Known as Peter was born in Zaragoza.De la Pierre aka PLASTIC0 am interested in the electronic music from a young age but it was 20 when he started as a DJ in the legendary R2D2, since then his versatility and proximity of the club he made ​​135 florida mark in style more undeground with sounds ranging from techno minimalist industrial techno, through the dubtechno or detroit .. as grew his passion for music so did the urge to click and thus organize. De has created a self-promoter who hires, organizes and develops all kinds of events "Hard Times" PLASTIC0 & FRIENDS creating, collaborating on projects as SOLIDARIZARTE, FESTIVAL DEL AGUA, BUSSINESMAN 3000,EXITAE..
PLASTIC0 has worked at venues such as Morrissey, Interference, Pequeño cafe del rock , Mythos, Sol, blvd barna, Custom (Sevilla) ... their sessions have been heard in techno fm Dunes, radioactive dj, maxima fm, elektrofilia, originaldjs , energysound ,kittikunti minimal sound radio(japon) ,mister fm (alcorcon) ,cultura de club (sevilla) , radio monegros currently carrying out the series .. I LOVE TECHNO, shapes and supports his tour agencies and dJs, working and hiring djs.Pretende create his own label in difficult Times integrated outlet for young talent of techno. his sets are energetic and likes to jam with loops to create new sounds in the mix.

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