Key Commands

Dawson Reeves

Voorschoten, The Netherlands Progressive House Deep House House

At the age of 12 he found out he had a passion for house music but not playing any instruments except the keyboard. He mostly listen to trance and house music at that time.
On his computer he found out a music program called Fruity Loops and started to make music at the age of 16. He kept his music on a low profile because he didn’t think that it was good enough.
When he turned 19 he bought his first dj set. And after some practice he started to get his own sound. This sound you can describe as Progressive with al little flavor of electro and tech house.
When he is on the stage he loves the crowed and want them to feel his music he plays.

Nowadays he is playing in the clubs in his home region Leiden and is one of the talented boys across the region. With his exclusive live performances and his passion for house music, every dj set is a joy to hear!
Also he is producing some new sounds and found a label to show that he’s got talent for making music also!
You will hear some new tracks on Seen Records soon!

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