Key Commands

Dave Stout

Deep House House Tech House Progressive House +5

Dave Stout has been DJ'ing for about 20 years. He's been hooked on music since a child and his first DJ experience was at the age of 4 at a wedding where he got to take over the decks for all of 5 minutes.

Once the rave scene kicked in in the early 90's he found himself running the disco on an RAF base. From there countless hours were spent practicing culminating in running the club on RAF Halton for 3 years where he DJ'ed with DJ Chris Sims (

After that a quiet period ensued where family and kids became the primary focus and music was put on a back burner to raise a family. However after tragedy struck Dave suddenly found himself in a new circle of friends who shared to same love of music. Quickly rediscovering his love all all forms of electronic music he quickly got back to doing what he loves best .... just playing cool tunes of any genre.

Recent stinks at Tantra in Nottingham and Embargos in Northampton have given Dave a desire to pursue his love of making people dance again.

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