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San Francisco, CA, USA Indie Dance / Nu Disco Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House +1

Mixing is my zen-state. It isn’t an intentional act as much as it communion with sound, with the muse.I don’t plan Sets. My mantra is the ‘right song at the right time’, and you’re never going to answer that question until you’re in the moment. This is real, live-mixed, this is Now, and we’re deep in it, together. I only like to mix deep, 3 mins so. It isn’t deep music unless you mix it deep, over your head in sounds, dancing with them as if Tai Chi, rolling them into another as if an Akido master. The tracks dictate how they want to be mixed, the moment dictates what energy wants to emerge next; a DJ isn’t there to be intentional, we’re supposed to be receptive. You can hear the difference.

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