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Dany T

Italy Hardcore / Hard Techno Techno Minimal / Deep Tech +1

DJ and producer with 24 years of experience, born in Naples class 1975, His passion for techno leads him to produce since 2000 on some techno Italian prestigious label. First with "The Message" of GAS Records and then especially with "New Life e.p." and "Shadow Chaser" on STIK that allowed him to become known in both National and World landscape playing in so many prestigious historical Italian clubs and events such as the Q-Club in Holland. For eight years he was part of the Global Net distribution team (exclusive distributor of BXR - Stik and many others), also having an important role as A & R MAKIN 'Records (sub label of Net'swork Records). In 2009 he creates his own label Hypnotic Frames Records and in subsequent years he had several collaborations with many labels around the world, so much that several of his tracks have been appreciated and played by many big DJs like Richie Hawtin - Capriati - Carola - Umek etc... His DJ and as a Producer style recalls the classic Techno with some dark, grooves and melodic feature but always very compelling and devastating! And that's why in that period he collaborated with leading label representing this kind of music in the best way as Distortus Music and Funk'n Deep.

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