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Danny Grunow

Berlin, Germany Trance Techno Progressive House

Danny Grunow was born in the year 1982 near the city Berlin, Germany. Danny first heard and fell in love
with electronic dance music in the early 90's in the first renaissance of trance. About this time DJs like
Westbam, Dr. Motte and Paul van Dyk were inspiring Danny to follow the music and began
thinking about DJing through listening to those early European DJ sets.

It took Danny a few years to get some equipment and practiced every spare minute he had but
in the middle of the year 2007 he had realised his dream of being a DJ and started his own internet radio show.
Through these early shows he developed his style very quickly with a mixture of Trance and Progressive sounds.
Though determination and passion for his music he fine tuned his shows and now he is running a very popularstation on ClubNation.FM.

Through great feedback and continuing support for his show 'Next Episode of Trance' he settled into a good format
but still wanted to reach a wider audience globally and thought he would like extend the
possibilities and start a second show with more content...

Danny searched for a second station to reach more people with his sounds and found GlobalBeats.FM
and was lucky enough to be given a slot on this prestigious station. In contrast to his show Next Episode of Trance,
or NEOT on ClubNation.FM where he plays a 2-hour-show exclusively, the new show 'Electronic Impressions'
on GlobalBeats showcases the very best guest DJs every week to play the first hour of the show...

Some of the quality producers and DJs featuring on Electronic Impressions have been Tom Colontonio, Austin Leeds,
Niklas Harding, Pierre Pienaar, Matt Cerf & Shawn Mitiska, Bart Claessen, Mike Koglin, Pedro Delgardo, Giuseppe Ottaviani,
Tenishia, Store N Forward, Jon O`Bir and many more...
But Danny does not only invite well known DJs to play the very best of new electronic music, he is also supporting many good friends,
talented new DJs and unknown artists to bring fresh flavors to the masses and share the love...

Today, Electronic Impressions is broadcasted on several stations in different countries all over the globe...

Danny aspires to only get bigger and better with his radio shows and shows no sign of slowing down,
combined with new producing and remixing projects he looks to the future and the 'next episode' in dance music..

Resident-DJ at:

*GlobalBeats.FM [GERMANY] || (blue channel)
*Radio Sudety [POLAND] ||
*ClubNation.FM [GERMANY] ||
*Lazer.FM [U.S.A.] ||
*Global EDM Radio [U.K.] ||

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