Key Commands

Daniel Münch

Cologne, Germany DJ Tools Minimal / Deep Tech Techno Tech House +1

Daniel was born in 1988 in Cologne.
His love for music began at an early age already.
been to primary school years, the music inspired him, learned instruments such as keyboards, drums and guitar.
It took some time until he found the right path to electronic music.
In 2005 he was the first time behind the turntables and has tasted blood directly.
Since then, he spends every spare minute to the music and his style to perfection.

He is a master of finely balanced rhythms.
Like few others, he brings his percussion tracks to the point where the beats start to develop its own life.
Every beat is because even the smallest grooves sound in the background. Percussion to perfection.

Those who book Daniel knows he is the perennial entertainer.
He comes out of the club, not from the University of Music, that makes him likable and authentic.
Daniel loves to play the Afterhours and sound to make the sunrise, where the music is "not a job, but a must" be.

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