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Dakar Carvalho

Indie Dance / Nu Disco Deep House

Musician and producer DJ since 2004, Member of the Agency ‘’Love Sessions’’ and owner ‘’Clap7 Label’’. Dakar is featured with latest and future releases Spirit Soul Records [SE], Dear Deer Records [UK] Go Deeva Records [ITA], SÓ TRACK BOA [BR], and many others.
In 2014 the single "Uhm Raaaa" released by VINTAGE MUSIC LABEL reached #89 Deep House Beatport. Immediately followed by the single "Time", released by SAMAMBAIA REC reached #60 Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Beatport. His recent works include participation in the studio of artists like Dj Diass, Heavy Pins, Fapples, Tim Baresko and more.

He begins the year 2014 very well, with two EP by Italian label Go Deeva Records, with remixes Biatlone, L.O.O.P, Touchtalk, Kento Lucchesi, Release until August 2014.

His productions have fallen in taste and great DJs producer like playlist Finnebassen, Matt Darey, David Penn, Noir, Phonique, Dj Tennis, Kolombo, Amine Edge & Dance, Dj Glen, Miguel Puente, Kinree, and more.

Dakar has also performed at various events in Brazil, as Soulvision Festival, Shivaneris Easter Festival , Club88, Baronesa, Mont Blanc and hundreds more.

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