Key Commands


Deep House Tech House House Minimal

After travelling for some years from country to country, having stops in Switzerland and Lake Constance, he found his place to be in Berlin city. Driven by the music and the life behind, doesn’t make him to a vagabond, but rather it’s pushing him forwards, which reflects in his really experimental housy productions. He found his own unique style between house, mininmal and techno and he improves permanently with the time.

When he lived in Switzerland and Lake Constance he got well known as house DJ in clubs like Douala or Dome and he was also travelling for 3 weeks to Ibiza for enjoying “la dolce vita” in clubs like “the blue marlin” with own gigs! It’s dragging him all time in the south and first 2008 he had Lisbon backsight and the “Europa” was plain over! When Oliver starts to play, even the Antarctic start to melt and every uptight hip starts to wip.

He realeasd on Black White Orange, Lordag, Orphik Recordings, Meleon Music and all so on Luos Recordings.

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