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Crush Effect

California, USA Electronica / Downtempo Glitch Hop Funk / Soul / Disco Hip-Hop / R&B +1

Crush Effect's new record Until the Next will release Feb. 18th!
The duo's music has been featured in...
-TNT's Franlin & Bash hit drama
-Kia Optima commercial w/ Blake Griffin (LA Clippers)
-Southern Comforts Fiery Pepper commercial
-Future Music Magazine “Claude Von Stroke Remix Winner"

-"SoCal goliath, heavy dubstep drops and whip-smart rapping. Keep your eyes wide open--don't sleep on these San Diego heavy-hitters"- The Untz Blog

-Kaskade’s Dynasty Remix Competition “Runners Up 2010”

“David Veith had super snappy production and very creative use of samples”
-Claude VonStroke

“Crush Effect blends Molloy’s acid jazz aesthetic with trip-hop and dubstep, a blend featured this past Year.”
-Ashley Lee, 944 Magazine

-MacPro Remix Competition ”2008 Top 10”

-Crush Effect "Las Vegas Spin Off" Finalist - 2011
-Indaba Music

-Released on"Spring Forward 2012" compilation blog

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