Key Commands


Dubstep Drum & Bass Reggae / Dancehall / Dub


A brief introduction to the character:
Hi, it's CREETCHA talking. I work as RELENTLESS DJ and career started in 2007 when i listened for the first time to reggae and dancehall music, since that moment my life has been an evolution in music. i started playing with a cheap consolle and in a few time i made my first remixes. but i was feeling too much power into myself when i was listenign to the massive kick-basses-beated tracks, so i decided do sart mixing Drum'n'Bass with my original music style, reggae; from that second 'till now i improved my self and now, after 'some years' i'm using a pro instrumentation and i moved my style to Jungle|drum & Dubstep . Stay conscious and focus on music i wanna make and music i wanna make my people listen ! Blessing to all my fans . I'll never give up !

Developing my own personal style to combine these 4 genres i'm trying to let people now about me and my personality

"Music is all i got to be happy in nowadays darkness, so i put on my headphones and start playing everything making me feel good and free"

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