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Cosmos Synthetics

Queensland, Australia Chill Out Electronica / Downtempo Techno Dubstep +8

Cosmos Synthetics has been solo producing and collaborating alike since 2008 with friends locally and online. Slowly refining the sound and musical direction he wants to take with respect to creative artistic musical influence. He has done an original music live performance in Mossman North Queensland Australia and hopes to perform more into the future. There are possibilities of 2 more shows coming soon in Australia so get out there and support! Cosmos constantly experiments with analog sound synthesis, electric guitar and computer based producing and then slowly but surely builds it into a live performance set using a Live Push controller and the instruments themselves routed through a professional sound card. Cosmos is currently in the process of getting his tracks professionally mastered by audio engineers in Europe and New York and is looking forward to continuing to share his musical creations with the world.

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