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Color Ray

India Chill Out Techno Progressive House +4

Color Ray is the moniker of progressive and deep house producer and DJ Shrinivas Sundar aka Vas. With a background in music stretching back to the age of 15, Vas is a true artist with a propensity for songwriting and innovative production concepts. While handling guitar duties in the early half of the last decade, Shrinivas was the fundamental force behind the musical direction of diverse homegrown bands like Depths of Suffering, Nemesis, and Blackhole Theory. His foray into a solo career began when he started producing and DJing in 2008.
Color Ray has firmly established himself as one of the most forward-thinking producers and DJs from India, with releases on highly acclaimed labels like Particles, Dazzle On, Juicebox Music and Abstract Theory that has earned him support across the scene from international artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Sahar Z, Sasha Le Monnier, Kobana, Marcelo Vasami and renowned Indian artists like Vinayak^a, Praveen Achary, and Vipul Angirish.
Shrinivas signed his first ever release to Twisted Frequency, one of the biggest underground techno labels from the UK, in 2011 while producing for Dual Drive. This was followed up with the Dual Drive remix for Hyline and Jaybeetrax’ Awake on Lowbit that was staff picked by Beatport as a feature release. It was but natural after this remarkable rise that Dual Drive would finish 2nd on the techno poll in 2011.
After discovering the sounds of artists like John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Max Cooper, and Cid Inc, Vas honed his focus towards a new and fresh musical style that gave birth to his solo project, Color Ray.
Color Ray’s music is unique & experimental, combining sounds from deep house, tech house, tribal tech, progressive house, soulful house and techno. The harmony, contemplative moods and sounds are inspired from the guitar reverberations echoing in his mind, which laid the foundations for his tunes. This combined with a natural talent for music production has paved the way for cutting-edge and standout tracks.
Color Ray’s very first dance tune Cat in the Hat was released on Italian label Abstract Theory Recordings in December 2011 and lies in warm and passionate tones with a deep sound structure embedded in a very spacey and engaging approach.
In 2012, Color Ray stepped it yet again and proved to be capable of both quality and consistency by delivering a standout remix for Praveen Achary’s Morning and Morning on Dazzle On Records that was charted by Hernan Cattaneo himself on his Resident Podcast (ep 055). This track has also received countless plays from highly respected artists like Sound Process, Matteo Moreno, Sasha Le Monnier, and Vinayak^a. This release also went viral receiving over 1,66,000 plays on YouTube.
2012 further saw a high profile remix by Color Ray for Biologik’s Sarin on the colossal label Particles (Proton Radio). This release made it into the Beatport 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks for the week and was placed alongside releases by artists like Guy Mantzur, Rich Curtis, Soulwerk, and Ewan Rill with additional support from Proff, Nikko.Z, Ewan Rill, and Gai Barone.
Vas has also toured with some of the biggest names in the dance music circuit including artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Spektre, Proff, Chris lake,Oliver Moldan, Norman Doray, Weekend Heroes, Andy Moor, James Harcourt and many more. He has regularly played in the club circuit in India at venues like Blue Frog (Mumbai and New Delhi), Pebbles (for Submerge Deep), Bottles & Chimney, One Lounge, Swig, Wink,Cocoparra and many others.
His distinctive approach to playing live as well as his unequivocal passion about subversive sounds takes his live sets to an ultimate parallel and brings the audiences to their feet, leaving them wanting for more. In addition to this, Vas (Dual Drive) was also invited to play at the Amsterdam Dance Event, which is Europe’s biggest dance music gathering, in 2011 at the Blue Frog “India meets West” night at the acclaimed Club Havana along side Jalebee Cartel (India), James Harcourt (UK), Janux (India), Ankytrixx (India, Nepal), Oliver Moldan (Germany), and Ma Faiza (India).
With forthcoming releases planned on labels that include Particles, Bermudos, Electronic Tree,Juicebox Music, Dopamine, Mirabilis, Pervurt, Release, and Windhorse, as well as a debut EP planned for 2013, Color Ray has demonstrated that he is destined to be one of the finest deep & progressive house exports from India.Having barely skimmed the surface of the electronic music scene in India, Color Ray has proven that he is here to stay with his distinctive and original sound. He brings to the floor an unequivocal passion and talent to make music come alive, bringing the crowd to their feet, leaving them wanting more.

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