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Brisbane QLD, Australia Progressive House Drum & Bass +1

Matthew Tomkins, or more commonly known as ‘Clust’ within the music industry, has been producing since the young and tender age of 15. Clust bases himself in Brisbane, Australia which is where he has grown up and lived his whole life in, although Clust aims to reach his music further out than just his home city.

Clust regularly produces Melodic Progressive House but lately has started to experiment with the sounds of Drum N Bass and Dubstep. Clust has recently released his debut original on ‘Gold Shore Records’ which furthered his position in the label to then becoming an A&R.

Clust’s biggest influence is Sean Marx because of the feelings he gets from Marx’s music and is also inspired by ‘Mobil’ as a producer within the same industry. It is because of such inspiration for why Clust is currently doing what he is doing. He wants to follow the footsteps of his inspirations to create the same effect they caused on him, to inspire others and express himself and let others express themselves with his music. Not only others influence Clust in his music, but also his surrounding, especially when he ventures off to the outback in Australia, taking in all the surrounding and listening to other peoples music on the long road trips.

Clust hopes to expand the range in which his music reaches around the world in upcoming years and be recognized for his distinctive sound.

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