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Chris Bungoni

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK House Deep House Tech House Techno

Chris Bungoni started his DJ journey in 2002 falling in love with his 1st ever pair of decks (Technics 1200 MK5s) and began playing and getting noticed in the rave scene in 2006. His style and level of flexibility and crowd appeal earned him a lot of recognition throughout the nightclub industry. He has played for crowds as little as 50 up to 3000 in bars clubs and underground venues all over the UK with one international gig in 2011 "The Big Amsterdam Weekender"

He has performed with well-known house DJ's like Paul Taylor, Hardwell, Kim Fai, Kryder, Third Party and many more. Although he can play virtually any style of house music, he prefers playing Tech House music originated from the sound of Techno and House music, creating a new mixture that brings together two of the largest genres in electronic dance music.

Chris has multiple mixtapes, demos, bootlegs and mashups available of all styles of house music. He is constantly expanding and updating his Soundcloud and other DJ Profiles to include the latest new sounds out there.

It’s been a busy 12months for Chris and things are on the verge of getting a whole lot busier. Holding a residency with the longest established Club Classic night in the UK "Retro" he finds him self all over the UK every other weekend hosting the underground house music room in a different venue every weekend.

Chris is looking forward to a Music Technology course he is starting September 2012 what he aims to enhance his music production knowledge as much as possible to help him on his journey through sound.

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