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Chris Bungoni

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK House Deep House Tech House Techno

Chris Bungoni a born & bred Northeast DJ who has carved a reputation as one of the finest performers around, starting his DJ journey at the age of 13 falling in love with his 1st pair of turntables bought for him by his music loving mother as a Christmas present.

After years of bedroom practice, playing little community centers and back room boozer parties he began playing and getting noticed in the northeast rave scene at the early age of 16. His style, level of flexibility and crowd appeal earned him a lot of recognition throughout the nightclub industry, earning him residencies with well-known UK brands like Retro and Goodgreef. He has played for crowds as little as 50 up to 3000 in clubs and prestige’s venues up and down the UK.

“ I prefer the smaller more intimate parties any day of the week. they just go off ”

Throughout Chris’s career he has shown great determination with his love for making people dance. Chris organizes some of the biggest underground parties in the northeast as well as play them, with his brand Unknown Rave UK hosting parties in places like unused quarries, warehouses, beaches and forests its clear to see his love for what he does is ridiculous, so one thing to be sure of is he defiantly knows how to work a dance floor.

Chris’s talents have lead him to preform on the same bill as top artists like Todd Terry, Darius Syrossian, Yousef and many more, he plays virtually any style of music in his sets that he likes the sound of, believing its about the way it makes you feel and not caring what genre it is or who its made by. Chris likes to class him self as a very unpredictable DJ.

“I always have an out there old diamond of a record sitting in my box just waiting for the right time to drop and completely mix it up on the dance floor”

In the last two years Chris has put a lot of his focus on his music production as well as his DJ performances and the organizing of parties so watch out for releases from him in the near future.

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