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Chris Duano

House DJ Tools Progressive House +6

Putting a stamp on Texas night life Chris Duano is one of the most if not the most exciting DJ of Texas. Chris Duano will give your nightlife a shot of adrenaline to its heart by electrifying your club experience with mixed and mashed genres of music, from your classics to your chart topping favorites. Being versatile in all genres he is not just a audio pleaser but performs using visual videos for every mp3 track played. It is a guarantee that there will be more to come from this aspiring DJ. With ambitions to be a great producer and remixer Chris Duano is on the journey to become one of the best.

Chris Duano started off djing in 2006 by helping a local Radio DJ carry around his equipment. Slowly by helping his friend he became interested in being a Dj. So by late 2006 early 2007 Chris started performing at a local club his friend owned. After performing there he slowly gained creditability and was able to get hired by other local clubs and bars. Chris's Dj career gained a great boost in late 07' when he began to work at Ultra Lounges and Clubs of San Antonio and Austin, TX. After the year 2008 was finished Chris Duano was becoming one of the most well known Dj's in South Texas. As the year 09' started off he was performing at Mink Ultra Club as their Resident DJ, and also started associating with clubs in lounges in deep valley of Texas. Now Chris Duano has a residency at Area Thirty-One a elevated night life experience in San Antonio, TX while he is finishing school and producing music.

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