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Che Martinez

Miami Beach, FL, USA Tech House Chill Out DJ Tools Techno +5

What sometimes got Ché in trouble at a young age, scratching (and ruining) his dad’s records, also led him to his true passion. Music. His father’s love became his, collecting everything he could get his hands on, you name it he was looking for it.
Fast forward 15 years.
1992 — Ché started working for Mercedes-Benz. Traveling all over Europe. Meeting the faces behind the house music scene. With this came clubbing across Europe & the United States. His dive into electronic music began, listening, dancing, and collecting. He never realized this would be the start to his DJ career and the beginning of a life long obsession.
As the years rolled by he found himself back in Santa Fe, missing the sounds he grew to love when he was abroad. He decided to do something about it — Going out and meeting people with the same passion. He was still looking for that sound though. Inspired to re-create it, he started his own night, and with help of some like minded individuals, he was on the path to DJing. He wanted people to experience what he had. Bringing his version of big city house music to Santa Fe.
Ché is known for his deep, soulful sound. Influenced largely by his years in NYC and San Francisco. It’s a compromise between both cities with a touch of Santa Fe’s laid back vibe. DJ’s like Behrouz, Danny Tenaglia, Juan Mejia, Crème, and Ali Ajami have all inspired his sound and mentored him in the past and present. Ché’s played in NYC, LA, SF, and a few other cities besides his residences in Santa Fe.

Ché is also a founding member of Dulcet Collective.

Dulcet is an evolving sound collective rooted in dj culture and collaborative production. As founding members, dj’s ché and crème have created a flexible framework that invites deep participation with a talented network of artists and producers. Dulcet is a vehicle for sound, sequence and soul. For booking, information, EPK, and promos visit

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