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Charly Petrone

London, UK Progressive House Deep House Techno

His curiosity for technology and his devotion for electronic music led him to become a DJ and Producer; However it wasn’t until 2008 that he actually started to use software to mix and produce, always looking to take his technique to the next level. Concentrating on a harmonic mixing and achieving a dynamic and sensual style with deep and emotive atmos.

Obtaining an organic and surrounding sound and making a unique emotional experience out of every Dj set right in between the reverie and positivity, music to fly, travel and dance.

Soundwaves / InsomniaFM / Underground Music / Balkan Connection / Silk Angel / Polytechnic

Radio Shows & Exclusive Mixes
friskyRadio / MercuryServer / MCast / InsomniaFM / TM Radio / Tenzi FM / Golden Wings Radio / AudioBeats / Deeplomatikk Radio / ProtonRadio / DNA Radio / InnerVisions / Pulsar Content Music Radio

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